How to choose a qualified business suitcase?

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How to choose a qualified business suitcase?

Abstract: Some workers spend a lot of time on the road with suitcases. Today, we will discuss how to choose a qualified business suitcase.

1) Surface material

When traveling for work, it is often necessary to carry a laptop. If you do not want to carry a suitcase while carrying the laptop in a separate bag, you need the suitcase to have sufficient strength to protect the luggage items in the box. Therefore, hard suitcases such as ABS and aluminum alloy should be selected.

2) Design

On a business trip, the appearance of the suitcase will also affect the first impression it brings to others. The cabinet does not need to be too fancy, it should be concise and kept tidy and clean. SE3S motorized rideable luggage launched by Airwheel are made of ABS+PC material, which has strength and toughness. It is not easy to produce bumps or scratches.


3) Volume

The size of the suitcase is not the bigger the better, because there are more opportunities to travel by plane. In order to avoid the hassle of checking in, you can choose a 20-inch boarding size. Take the SE3S carry-on smart luggage as an example. It has an internal storage space of 30L, which is enough to accommodate luggage items within a week.


4) Front port design

Many hard suitcases have a half-opening design, so it is extremely inconvenient to pick and place items during the journey, and it will bring the inconvenience of exposing personal items to public places. In order to solve this trouble, SE3S robotics suitcase adopts a front opening design and it can flexibly use trivial items such as notebooks, passports, chargers, etc.

5) Functional design

Don't think that the function of luggage is "portable storage". In recent years, with the rapid development and application of smart technology, smart luggage has also emerged. While meeting the storage requirements, SE3S suitcase electric scooter can also be used as a transportation equipment, with a riding speed of up to 13km/h, helping users to travel easily. The cabinet is also designed with a USB charging port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

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