Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is designed for modern travel

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Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is designed for modern travel
Abstract: Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage is designed for modern travel and is sized to fit in the overhead bins of most major airlines and is compact enough for train and car travel. 
The main frame of Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the strength and hardness are enhanced by a special process so that the case can fully carry the weight of the user and prevent the luggage inside from being crushed and damaged. The sides are made of PC film imported from Germany + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and not easily deformed. The combination of the two materials greatly improves the strength and pressure resistance of the box. There is a large capacity of 20L when the side is opened.

Function introduction
Airwheel SE3S travel box electric scooter is equipped with front motor wheels and rear pneumatic tires for riding and traveling under electric power, and the speed can reach 13km/h. In addition to the riding bar, Airwheel SE3S is also equipped with a common traction bar, which can cope with no electricity or other situations that are not suitable for riding. It is not difficult to switch between the two different modes of riding and traction. the motor wheel and riding bar of Airwheel SE3S robot travel case are designed with electric telescoping. With just one button, you can switch the usage mode quickly and easily. You can travel freely anytime and anywhere. The aluminum pole has three adjustable positions for comfortable operation. Easy to drag and drop.

Portable power supply
In addition, since the SE3S Carry-on Smart Luggage battery pack is modular in design, it can be directly removed and replaced without tools, so you can also carry multiple sets of batteries on the go to meet the demand for battery life. In addition to providing battery pack accessories with the same capacity, Airwheel also provides a battery pack with a capacity of 73.26WH as an option to meet more needs such as boarding. The case is also designed with a USB charging port, which can be connected to a charging cable to charge electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets during the movement.

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