About the testing and evaluating of the Airwheel SR5 self-driving suitcase

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Abstract: Airwheel takes "Specialty, Devotement, Improvement" as our managing spirits and keep "Quality, Brand Name, Honesty" as our development tenet. So today we will test and evaluate the new product--SR5 self-following suitcase.

Airwheel SR5 auto Luggage

Airwhel gives you high performance with first-rate acceleration and torque, and efficient, environmentally friendly machines that perform well, whatever the scooter was designed for. With Airwheel’s R&D team and production facility, they we can turn their own imagination into reality. To respond to market demands, Airwheel released smart suitcases and today we will test and evaluate SR5 intelligent auto-following luggage.

Airwheel SR5 following suitcase’s shell is made of ABS + PC, which shares both the advantages of PC’s excellent heat and impact resistance and ABS’s anti-wear and anti-scratch. Its adjustable rod with three gears chooses the aluminum as the materials. In addition to the material, SR5 is as spacious and effective as a regular carry-on bag. The reasonable layout gives you opportunity to arrange the travel items under categories. Its removable battery can charge portable devices via USB port. The smart charger is compliant with international flight regulations and can be brought into the cabin of any airline.

Airwheel SR5 following luggage

Of course, the coolest part is the auto-follow function. With the UWB and sensor technology, SR5 self-driving suitcase realizes auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance. By the way, I also have checked the UWB, short for Ultra Wideband which is a carrierless communication technology that uses a non-sinusoidal narrow pulse of nanoseconds to microseconds to transmit data. Some call it a revolutionary development in the radio field, and it will be the mainstream technology for short-range wireless communication in the future.

Airwheel SR5 Self-driving luggage

Moreover, with the intelligent alarm system, SR5 and your mobile will release alarm when it’s separated from its you beyond a safe distance. Its speed reaches 6km per hour at most. If it is out of power, SR5 will be a common suitcase for you to drag. It requires one button to switch from auto-follow mode to dragging mode. In dragging mode, the motor will draw up to protect the motor and make it easy to drag. Based on the test and evaluation, you deserve an Airwheel SR5 self-driving suitcase for your next travel.

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